Who We Are?

We are a non-profitable NGO that aims at making a better future for the nation by building a better society. We have started our initiatives with a wide range of missions like:-

To make people aware of environmental pollution and the evils prevailing in the society

Environment plays an important role in making our lives better and improves our style of living. It helps us to stay healthy, maintain a beautiful surrounding that is praised by people from elsewhere, and much more. It is thus, our utmost responsibility to keep it pollution-free.
Whereas India is gradually transforming into the most polluted country because of the ill-treatment of the people, it is important to take immediate measures to guarantee the making of India a pollution-free country. 

Along with that, we can’t forget the evil practices like cutting of the trees, cow slaughtering, the continuous endangering of the animals’, etc. which lead to drive the country into the atrocity for the living beings. We have set our missions to spread awareness on these aspects and thereby inspire people to wipe out all these miseries from the fortune of the nation.

Keeping in mind the importance of Ganga and its usefulness, it should be promoted throughout Uttar Pradesh

Ganga is the prime attraction of Uttar Pradesh. The Tribeni Sangam, where three major rivers viz. Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati adjoin their path, is the major attraction of all the tourists. But while considering the cleanliness, this Triveni Sangam is considered as the most unclean part of this water body. Moreover, because of the negligence of the people about the cleanliness of the Ganga and forgetting its usefulness in the lives of the people, the river is gradually decreasing its worth with time. We have started our mission to aware people of the importance of the Ganga river and take their stand to keep it clean and maintain its usefulness. 

There are certain other missions as well like, 

  • To provide support to the financially and socially afflicted and distressed people with the help of the people of the region.
  • To provide programs for the social, spiritual, educational, and cultural development of the public.
  • To promote education among the people of the region and to run programs for the study of technical education.

We urge for all-round cooperation and contribution from the people to help us in achieving our goal of making a better future for the country and its people.