Pankaj Mishra

Ganga Seva Samiti

Let us Light a Lamp for Needies …

As a proud Member of Ganga Seva Samiti and Secretary for the last Thirteen years,I would like to enlighten every one’s attention toward our organization.

Ganga Seva Samiti is the organization which caters the needs of poor people and also shelters the needies and orphans  and thus helping them for their each of the requirements. It also look after the purification and cleaning of River Ganges by any means and delivering the ghat an environment friendly atmosphere  We have always believed individuals within underserved communities deserve equal access to opportunity.

This organization has been built on the values of kindness, compassion, dignity, respect, and excellence.  These values are the pillars of our programs and innovative approach to delivery, which encourage critical thinking, self-confidence and resilience in the children, youth and families we serve in order to create cycles of success for generations to come.

We touch and change lives each and every day, and we hope that you will join us in building on the legacy of reversing the cycle of poverty one person at a time.


Pankaj  Mishra