Blanket Donation by Ganga Seva Samiti

Raised: Rs.3,701.00 Rs.0.00
Let’s help the poor people

We are striving towards donating blankets to help the people who live on roadsides to protect themselves from the cold strokes of the winter. So far, we have organized 2 blanket donation campaigns. We urge all of you to help poor and stray animals with all your capabilities and enthusiasm. If you have any leftover blanket that you are thinking not to use ever again, get in touch with us. We will assure the best of their uses and give you the opportunity to get the blessings of all the needy people. There are many creatures on the streets who keep on struggling with their families or themselves for the basic amenities of life like food, clothing, and shelter. With the inability to avail of any of them to their utmost needs, they need to survive with lots of hassles. But it is not possible to stay healthy and disease-free in the Winter season, which gets even colder during the night. That is why initiated this blanket donation campaign and facilitate them from our utmost capability.