Environmental Awareness

To make people and society aware of environment and water pollution and the evils prevailing in the society.


Importance of Ganga

Keeping in mind the importance of Ganga and its usefulness, it should be promoted throughout Uttar Pradesh.


Financial Help

To provide support to the financially and socially afflicted and distressed people with the help of the people of the region.


Cultural Development

To organize and organize programs for social, spiritual, educational and cultural development of the public.

Current Activities

Some of the important activities done recently by the Ganga Seva Sansthan for the Society and Environment.


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Some pictures depicting the work done by Ganga Seva Samiti

Our Mission

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Ganga-Not just a river of water but lives

Today’s generation is too much unaware of the importance of the Ganga river in their lives. Although they always admire the beauty and serenity of the river, to understand the importance it is essential to be aware of the history of the river and how it is going to deteriorate its value due to the changing environment and continuous ignorance of the people.

Come forward and hold hands together

A majority of the population in Uttar Pradesh lives in Ganga. It helps them survive. But due to the continuous deterioration of the quality of water, some regions have to suffer a lot of crisis. Today, the people living in the outskirts and who were completely dependent on the river for their livelihood have to struggle even for their one-time food.

Business teamwork join hands together. Business teamwork concept

Upgraded education to upgrade the future of the nation

Children are the future of the nation. Certainly, it is important to make them knowledgeable with the latest educational proforma so that they can understand their role to play in contributing to the growth and development of the nation.

Women empowerment-A step forward for changing minds

Women are an important part of society. Today, women are successfully establishing their intellectuals all over the world. But according to the reports, the rate of women indulged in the workforce in Uttar Pradesh is very less than in other parts of the nation.

Sabita Devi, 36, participates in a self help group meeting in Sondari Pakartoli Village in Torpa, Jharkhand, India on August 28, 2018.

About Ganga Seva Samiti

The Ganga Seva Samiti is an organization that caters to the needs of poor people and provides shelter to the needy and orphans and thus helps them for each of their needs. It somehow sees the purification and cleanliness of the Ganges river and provides an environmentally friendly environment to the Ghat. We have always believed that people from underrepresented communities have equal access to opportunity.

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